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Just a handful of our many features

A good-looking, well performing website is crucial to your business. Each template is customizable to your look or brand. You can change colors, fonts, patterns and even upload photos which will be blending nicely into your website.

Need more? We also have custom solutions including a full-custom website that we begin from scratch based on your input.

Mobile Friendly
Our designs are mobile-friendly and your clients can see it from their phones. The design will adapt to computers, phones, tablets.
Customizable Templates
Choose a design template and customize it any way you want. You have full control over your design.
20+ Pages
Get over 20 web pages designed just for companions. Easily add, edit, delete or sort the pages. Even add custom pages.
Easy Editing
Manage your website and your companion business. The most powerful, but simple to use website editor in the industry.
Instant Updates
Keep your clients updated. Your changes will show up immediately, and your clients can even receive email/SMS notification.
Quick Setup
Are you new to websites? Our step-by-step website setup will get you started and add all your text and photos in minutes!

Not requiring screening information from your clients is a thing of the past.

Your Screening Form is fully customizable so you can ask the questions YOU want to know. Our system will also collection hidden information from your client such as their location and IP Address. You will receive an email for each submitted screening form and it is also stored in your account for up to 7 days.

Easy Screening
Screening is a vital part of your business. Easily collect information from your new potential clients.
Form Tracking
Get detailed info about each client when they submit forms on your website.
Form Editing
Easily create or modify your screening form. Ask your clients only what you want to know.

Collect. Write. Send.

Your clients will quickly signup to your mailing list. Fully legal CANSPAM newsletters can be sent daily, weekly or monthly - it's up to you! Create several lists and let clients choose which one they want to be part of. It's a great feature to organize your list by travelling region.

Collect Emails
Keep in touch with your clients with an email list. We will automatically confirm their email address and keep your mailing list clean.
Send Newsletters
Keep in touch with your clients by sending email newsletters to them. We make sure your emails aren't marked as spam.
Newsletter Stats
See how many emails have been sent and opened.

Discover where your clients came from, which pages they viewed and how long they stayed for.

We simplified website tracking and delivered statistics you want to see. Not only can we provide website statistics from yesterday, last week or even last year - we can show you who is on your website this exact minute along with their activity.

Visitor Statistics
Track who is viewing your website right now, in real-time. Learn how your clients find you, and what they do on your site.
Live Tracking
Our proprietary software will allow you to see who is on your website, as they browse.
Search Engines
See which visitors found you on amjor search engines and the keywords they used.

Hide private or sensitive photos and only allow clients with an approved username & password to access.

Manually create accounts or let clients request access directly on your website. Approve or Deny each applicant from your email inbox. Once approved, a client can login and view the photos, or videos which you deemed private. Solely clients with an account can view these photos, no exceptions.

Private Content
Block certain photos or videos from public access. Only approved members will be able to login and see your private contents.
Approve & Reject
You're in full control of your members. You can approve or reject new applications with 1 click.
Your potential clients can request access directly on your website.

Search engines and social media combined are a great source of targetted traffic.

There's no perfect recipe when it comes to ranking your website on Google but we put you on the right track. A well built website, rich content and META tags are essential. Cuties allows you to quickly edit your META tags for any page on your website. Our Social Media feature also allows you to embed icons to your Twitter or Facebook page.

Improve your SEO
Improve your ranking on the search engines with our built-in tools. Easily edit the title, meta tags, links and content on every page.
Social Media
Take advantage of social media. Easily link your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts to your website.
Google Tools
Learn about your website visitors and Google Ranking by easily integrating Google Analytics to your website.

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